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Alternative forms of a novel aspartyl protease gene are differentially expressed in human gestational tissues

EK Moses, KA Freed, JR Higgins, SP Brennecke

Molecular Human Reproduction | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 1999


The aim of this study was to identify genes involved in human placentation. To do this, differential gene expression was assessed in the decidua (placental bed) from pre-eclamptic and normotensive pregnancies using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based subtractive technique of representational difference analysis. A novel aspartyl protease (cathepsin D-like) cDNA sequence was isolated by virtue of its over-expression in the pre-eclamptic decidual sample tested. It was designated DAP-1 (for Decidual Aspartyl Protease 1). Using DAP-1 primer sequences a second cDNA (DAP-2) was subsequently isolated from decidual RNA by reverse transcription (RT)-PCR and found to be identical to DAP-1 apart ..

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