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A randomized community intervention trial to increase awareness and knowledge of the role of periconceptional folate in women of child-bearing age.

Maxwell J Watson, Lyndsey F Watson, Robin J Bell, Jane L Halliday, Necia Burford, Shaun P Brennecke

Health Expectations | Published : 1999


OBJECTIVES: To determine the effect of a consumer-directed information campaign to increase knowledge of folate for the prevention of neural tube defects among women of child-bearing age, and to measure women's recall of sources of information and knowledge about folate. DESIGN: A community randomized trial. SETTING: Three matched pairs of geographically distinct Local Government Areas in the state of Victoria, Australia. INTERVENTION: Printed information recommending folate intake to decrease the risk of neural tube defects was disseminated to women of child-bearing age in three of the Local Government Areas selected randomly. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: The proportion of women aware of the assoc..

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