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OS070. Shared genetic risk factors for preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease.

M Løset, MP Johnson, C Pennell, R-C Huang, T Mori, L Beilin, P Melton, LT Roten, A-C Iversen, R Austgulen, C East, J Blangero, SP Brennecke, EK Moses

Pregnancy Hypertension | Published : 2012


INTRODUCTION: There is compelling evidence to support the hypothesis that a maternal constitutional predisposition to cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a key component in development of preeclampsia. In particular, CVD and preeclampsia share pathological features such as endothelial dysfunction and inflammation, and have several metabolic abnormalities in common. In support of this hypothesis, our recent genetic dissection of the Australian preeclampsia susceptibility locus on chromosome 2q22 revealed shared novel genetic risk factors for preeclampsia and CVD-related traits. OBJECTIVES: To replicate association between our recently reported 2q22 preeclampsia risk variants and CVD-related trait..

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