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The application of a radiographic index to the prevention of dorsal metacarpal disease in Thoroughbred racehorses

NC Larkin, HMS Davies



This study was conducted to determine if a radiographic index of bone proportions could demonstrate the response of the equine third metacarpal bone (McIII) to fast exercise (>12m/s), in young racing Thoroughbreds. The index represents the ratio of the dorsal cortical width to palmar cortical width, multiplied by the ratio of cortex to medulla in the dorso-palmar plane. A total of 49 two year old Thoroughbred race horses were radiographed at two weekly intervals, throughout their first racing preparation. None of the horses developed shin soreness during fullpace exercise (16.7m/s) when their index measured 3.28 or greater. Horses that developed shin soreness had a significantly lower index ..

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