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Co-administration of Antiresorptive and Anabolic Agents: A Missed Opportunity

Ego Seeman, T John Martin

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research | WILEY | Published : 2015


Co-administration of antiresorptive and anabolic therapies has appeal because these treatments target the two main abnormalities in bone remodeling responsible for bone loss and microstructural deterioration. Antiresorptives reduce the number of basic multicellular units (BMUs) remodeling bone and reduce the volume of bone each BMU resorbs. Intermittent parathyroid hormone (PTH) increases the volume of bone formed by existing BMUs and those generated by PTH administration. PTH also increases bone formation by stimulating the differentiation, maturation, and longevity of osteoblast lineage cells residing upon quiescent bone surfaces. Despite these rationally targeted actions, enthusiasm for t..

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