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Lack of effect of gliclazide on early diabetic nephropathy and retinopathy: a two-year controlled study.

G Jerums, RM Murray, E Seeman, ME Cooper, S Edgley, K Marwick, RG Larkins, TJ Martin

Diabetes Res Clin Pract | Published : 1987


This study has attempted to document a specific haemovascular action of gliclazide on the reversal of early diabetic microangiopathy. A prospective double-blind controlled study was performed over 2 years, comparing gliclazide versus placebo in insulin-treated and gliclazide versus glibenclamide in non-insulin-treated diabetic subjects, after a 1-year run-in period. Glycaemic control was not significantly different in gliclazide- and non-gliclazide-treated subjects before or after the commencement of active therapy. Following treatment with gliclazide in 17/32 insulin-treated and 8/17 non-insulin-treated subjects with Albustix-negative proteinuria, there was no difference in retinopathy scor..

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