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Modeling and Remodeling. The Cellular Machinery Responsible for the Gain and Loss of Bone's Material and Structural Strength.

E Seeman

Principles of Bone Biology, Two-Volume Set | Published : 2008


Bones must resist deformation. Bone must also be flexible in order to absorb energy by changing shape, it must be able to shorten and widen in compression and lengthen and narrow in tension without cracking. Bone must also be light to allow mobility. Bone achieves the paradoxical properties of stiffness yet flexibility, strength yet lightness through its material composition and its structural design. This chapter deals with modeling and remodeling of the bone. The purpose of modeling and remodeling during growth is to optimize bone strength by depositing bone where it is needed and to minimize mass by removing it from where it is not needed. Modeling and remodeling are successful during gro..

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