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Isotonic Glycerol and Sodium Hyaluronate Containing Artificial Tear Decreases Conjunctivochalasis after One and Three Months: A Self-Controlled, Unmasked Study.

Huba J Kiss, János Németh

PLoS One | Published : 2015


UNLABELLED: Dry eye complaints are ranked as the most frequent symptoms of patients visiting ophthalmologists. Conjunctivochalasis is a common dry eye disorder, which can cause an unstable tear film and ocular discomfort. The severe conjunctivochalasis characterized by high LId-Parallel COnjunctival Folds (LIPCOF) degree usually requires surgical intervention, where a conservative therapy would be highly desirable. Here we examined the efficacy of a preservative-free, inorganic salt-free unit-dose artificial tear, called Conheal containing isotonic glycerol and 0.015% sodium hyaluronate in a prospective, unmasked, self-controlled study involving 20 patients. The regular use of the glycerol/h..

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