Journal article

CO2 capture by vacuum swing adsorption: role of multiple pressure equalization steps

A Ntiamoah, J Ling, YZ Xiao, P Webley, Y Zhai

Adsorption | Springer US | Published : 2015


The performance of a 4-bed/16-step vacuum swing adsorption cycle containing three pressure equalization (PE) steps has been analysed in order to understand the role played by the multiple PE steps in the process performance. The cycle was designed for CO capture from a feed gas mixture of 15 %CO /85 %N , with zeolite ×13 adsorbent from UOP (PSO2HP). Simulations were performed with the help of the commercial Aspen Adsorption simulator to help interpret the experimental results. It was found that CO loading decreased only slightly, but N loading decreased significantly and uniformly across the bed after each PE step. Thus, while CO working capacity remained almost constant, working selecti..

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