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Induction of insulitis in athymic (nude) mice. The effect of NOD thymus and pancreas transplantation.

HM Georgiou, TE Mandel

Diabetes | Published : 1995


The NOD mouse is a model for human insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. The disease is thought to have an autoimmune etiology because it is T-cell dependent and is characterized by mononuclear cell infiltration in and around the pancreatic islets of Langerhans. The mechanism by which autoreactive T-cells are generated is not fully understood, but it has been postulated that there is a breakdown in self-tolerance induction during intrathymic T-cell maturation. The aim of these studies was to determine whether transplantation of NOD thymus into diabetes-resistant mouse strains would generate islet-reactive T-cells. Neonatal thymus was pretreated either by irradiation or culture in 2-deoxyguano..

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