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Solving the Bloch Equation With Periodic Excitation Using Harmonic Balancing: Application to Rabi Modulated Excitation

B Tahayori, LA Johnston, KJ Layton, PM Farrell, IMY Mareels

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) | Published : 2015


In waveform design for magnetic resonance applications, periodic continuous-wave excitation offers potential advantages that remain largely unexplored because of a lack of understanding of the Bloch equation with periodic continuous-wave excitations. Using harmonic balancing techniques the steady state solutions of the Bloch equation with periodic excitation can be effectively solved. Moreover, the convergence speed of the proposed series approximation is such that a few terms in the series expansion suffice to obtain a very accurate description of the steady state solution. The accuracy of the proposed analytic approximate series solution is verified using both a simulation study as well as..

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