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Therapy of murine cutaneous leishmaniasis by DNA vaccination

E Handman, AH Noormohammadi, JM Curtis, T Baldwin, A Sjolander

Vaccine | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2000


Prophylactic DNA vaccination protects mice against infection with Leishmania major by inducing an exclusive Th1 immune response dominated by the production of IFN-gamma. Here we show that DNA vaccines, initially designed to prevent infection, can also have a significant therapeutic effect. In L. major infected mice, vaccination with DNA encoding the Parasite Surface Antigen/gp46/M2 causes reduction in lesion size and promotes healing in both genetically resistant C3H/He mice and susceptible BALB/c mice. The therapeutic effect is underpinned by a shift in the T cell-derived cytokine environment with an increase in the IFN-gamma producing Th1 type cells. Application of such immunotherapy in co..

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