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The sexual motivation of boars housed adjacent to ovariectomised gilts did not affect the efficiency of detecting hormonally induced oestrus using the back pressure test

AI Turner, PH Hemsworth, AJ Tilbrook

Applied Animal Behaviour Science | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 1996


This study tested the hypothesis that the efficiency of detecting oestrus in gilts, using the back pressure test (BPT), will be reduced when gilts are housed adjacent to a boar of high sexual motivation compared to when gilts are housed adjacent to a boar of low sexual motivation. The experiment was a 2 x 2 Latin square design with three replicates. Boars of high and low sexual motivation were selected on the basis of the total number of copulations and the mean reaction time to first mount during three mating tests. Twelve boars were observed in mating tests and the three highest and lowest ranking boars were assigned to three palm, each pair containing a boar of high and a boar of low sexu..

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