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Behavioural and EEG changes in sheep in response to painful acute electrical stimuli

RM Ong, JP Morris, JK ODwyer, JL Barnett, PH Hemsworth, IJ Clarke



OBJECTIVE: To measure acute pain in sheep, based on a human pain model, and examined changes in both electroencephalogram frequency spectrum and behavioural responses to increased electrical stimulation in sheep. DESIGN: Analysis of variance (treatment and animal effects) for stimulus intensity where each animal received each electric shock treatment given in the order 0, 5, 10 and 20 mA. PROCEDURE: Eight sheep with electrodes implanted over the surface of the brain were examined for escape-avoidance and electroencephalogram responses to four levels of electrical stimulation from 0-20 mA. RESULTS: With increasing stimulus intensity at the time of feeding, the sheep were more hesitant to retu..

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