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Characteristics of oxytetracycline sorption and potential bioavailability in soils with various physical-chemical properties

Weidong Kong, Chunge Li, Jenna M Dolhi, Songyang Li, Jizheng He, Min Qiao



Veterinary antibiotics are widely used for disease treatment, prevention and animal growth promoting. Frequent detection of veterinary antibiotics in environments, caused by land application of untreated or even treated antibiotics-containing animal wastes, has posed the growing concern of their adverse effect on natural ecosystems. Oxytetracycline (OTC) is one of the most widely-used veterinary antibiotics in livestock industry. OTC present as a cation, zwitterions, or net negatively charged ion in soils complicates predicting its sorption characteristics and potential bioavailability and toxicity. This study was to identify soil properties influencing OTC sorption and its subsequent bioava..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Chinese Academy of Sciences

Funding Acknowledgements

Special thanks are given to Dr. Linda Lee for her thoughtful comments and serious reading. The authors are grateful to Dr. Ke Guo for assistance with HPLC analysis. We express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Yongguan Zhu who financially supported this study through the Grant (KZCX2-YW-Q02-06) from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.