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Progress in Significant Soil Science Fields of China over the Last Three Decades: A Review

Qi-Guo Zhao, Ji-Zheng He, Xiao-Yuan Yan, Bin Zhang, Gan-Lin Zhang, Zu-Cong Cai

Pedosphere | SCIENCE PRESS | Published : 2011


Due to continuous decreases in arable land area and continuous population increases, Chinese soil scientists face great challenges in meeting food demands, mitigating adverse environmental impacts, and sustaining or enhancing soil productivity under intensive agriculture. With the aim of promoting the application of soil science knowledge, this paper reviews the achievements of Chinese scientists in soil resource use and management, soil fertility, global change mitigation and soil biology over the last 30 years. During this period, soil resource science has provided essential support for the use and exploitation of Chinese soil resources, and has itself developed through introduction of new..

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