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A novel method for respiratory motion gated with geometric sensitivity of the scanner in 3D PET

J He, GJ O'Keefe, SJ Gong, G Jones, T Saunder, AM Scott, M Geso

IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science | Published : 2008


PET image quality can be significantly affected by respiratory motion artifacts. To improve image quality, surveillance systems have been developed to track the movements of the subject during scanning. Gating techniques utilizing the tracking information, are able to compensate for subject motion, thereby improving lesion detection. In this paper, we present a gating method that utilizes the Geometric Sensitivity Gating (GSG) of a 3D-PET scanner system operating in list event acquisition mode. As a result of the non-uniform geometric sensitivity, the count rate from a given organ, will depend on the axial location of the organ. Consequently the respiratory phase can be determined from count..

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