Journal article

Proteomic Characterization of Midproliferative and Midsecretory Human Endometrium

Jenny I-C Chen, Natalie J Hannan, Yunxian Mak, Peter K Nicholls, Jin Zhang, Adam Rainczuk, Peter G Stanton, David M Robertson, Lois A Salamonsen, Andrew N Stephens

Journal of Proteome Research | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2009


This study aimed to identify proteins differentially expressed in the human endometrium between the proliferative and secretory phases of normal menstrual cycles by 2D differential in-gel electrophoresis (DIGE). A total of 196 out of 1017 spots were differentially expressed (p < 0.05). Mass spectrometry identified 76 proteins representing 41 different gene products. Immunohistochemistry confirmed the observed changes in 3 representative proteins (Rho-GDIalpha, CLIC1, PGRMC1). Biological pathway analysis identified the Jnk and EGF signaling pathways as key regulators of protein expression in the midsecretory phase of endometrial proteome.


Awarded by NHMRC of Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are indebted to the patients who donated their tissues for this study and to their doctors and Sister Judi Hocking for tissue collection. The MALDI-TOF/TOF MS was performed by Dr. Ian Smith and his team at Monash University. Dr. John Edwards generously provided the antibody against CLIC1. The study was funded by the NHMRC of Australia, Program grant No. 494802 and Fellowship grants No. 388901 and No. 494803.