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Mapping of actionable mutations to histologic subtype domains in lung adenocarcinoma: implications for precision medicine

GM Wright, Hongdo Do, Jonathan Weiss, Naveed Z Alam, Vivek Rathi, Marzena Walkiewicz, Thomas John, Prudence A Russell, Alexander Dobrovic

Oncotarget | Impact Journals | Published : 2014


Precision medicine depends on the accurate identification of actionable mutations in a tumor sample. It is unknown how heterogeneous the distribution of such mutations can be in a tumor. Morphological (i.e. histopathological) heterogeneity is well described in lung adenocarcinoma and has been specifically recognized in the most recent official clinico-pathological classification. The most predominant subtype present is now used to classify each lung adenocarcinoma. No molecular profile exists to explain the intratumoral differences in lung adenocarcinoma morphology, despite the consistently observed association between specific predominant subtypes and poorer survival. Given a recent proposa..

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Awarded by NHMRC Scholarship

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the Victorian Cancer Agency for funding patients' screening for EGFR & KRAS mutations and ALK rearrangements with the aim of creating a translational research platform. We also thank Professor Bert Vogelstein and Professor David Thomas for their invaluable peer review and feedback. This study was supported by grants to GMW from the St Vincent's Hospital Research Endowment Fund, the ANZCTS Foundation and donations of family and friends of S. O'Toole. This study was also supported by grants to AD from the National Health and Medical Research Council, Cancer Australia and the Cancer Council of Victoria. GMW was supported by NHMRC Scholarship GNT1038699 and University of Melbourne Gordon-Taylor Scholarship. HD was supported by a fellowship from the Cancer Council of Victoria. This research was supported in part by Operational Infrastructure Funding Program of the Victorian Government.