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Processes of nitrogen loss from fertilizers applied to flooded rice fields on a calcareous soil in north-central China

ZL Zhu, GX Cai, JR Simpson, SL Zhang, DL Chen, AV Jackson, JR Freney

Fertilizer Research | Published : 1988


Losses of nitrogen were investigated after applications of ammonium bicarbonate and urea to flooded rice at transplanting. Ammonia (NH3) volatilization was determined by direct micrometeorological methods, and total loss of fertilizer nitrogen (N) was measured by15N balance. All the loss appeared to be in gaseous forms, since there was no evidence of leaching and runoff was prevented. The difference between N loss and NH3 loss was thus assumed to be denitrification loss. Both NH3 volatilization and denitrification losses were large, being 39% and 33%, respectively, of the ammonium bicarbonate N, and 30% and 33%, respectively, of the urea N applied by farmers' methods. Ammonia fluxes from the..

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