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Three new species of Progamotaenia (Cestoda: Anoplocephalidae) from Australasian marsupials

I Beveridge

Systematic Parasitology | Published : 1985


Three new species of Progamotaenia (Cestoda: Anoplocephalidae) are described from macropodid marsupials in Australasia. P. wallabiae n. sp. from Dorcopsis veterum in New Guinea is most similar to P. bancrofti (Johnston, 1912), P. johnsoni Beveridge, 1980, and P. aepyprymni Beveridge, 1976. It differs from P. aepyprymni in the occurrence of the testes in two lateral groups and the lateral position of the female genitalia, and differs from all three species in the number of testes and the lack of a pyriform apparatus. P. dorcopsis n. sp. also from D. veterum in New Guinea and P. queenslandensis n. sp. from Thylogale stigmatica in north-eastern Queensland are most closely related to P. lagorche..

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