Journal article

Identification of life cycle stages of the nematode Echinocephalus overstreeti by allozyme electrophoresis.

RH Andrews, I Beveridge, M Adams, PR Baverstock

Journal of Helminthology | Published : 1988


Data presented in this study highlight the potential of allozyme electrophoresis in providing unequivocal genetic evidence for the identification of life cycle stages, particularly where species have complex life cycles. Adults of the nematode Echinocephalus overstreeti parasitize the elasmobranch Heterodontus portusjacksoni. The putative larval form which is morphologically dissimilar is found in two species of marine molluscs, Chlamys bifrons and Pecten albus. Electrophoretic analysis indicated that the adult and larval forms shared alleles at all of the 34 enzyme loci established. Furthermore, there were no fixed allelic differences between larval forms from different mollusc species.

University of Melbourne Researchers