Journal article

P2X7 Receptors Mediate Innate Phagocytosis by Human Neural Precursor Cells and Neuroblasts

Michael D Lovelace, Ben J Gu, Steven S Eamegdool, Michael W Weible, James S Wiley, David G Allen, Tailoi Chan-Ling



Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia

Awarded by Australian Research Council (ARC)

Funding Acknowledgements

We gratefully acknowledge the advice and assistance related to microscopy experiments provided by Dr. Louise Cole (Bosch Institute Advanced Microscopy Facility, University of Sydney). We acknowledge the scientific and technical assistance from Dr. Minh Huynh and the facilities of the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility at the Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, University of Sydney. We thank Samyoul Ahn for assistance with cell counting and Dr. Hussein Mansour for advice with the immunostaining experiments. We thank Dr. Ben Roediger and Prof. David Atwell for helpful discussions. This work was supported by the Macintosh Fund, and by grants to TCL from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia (No. 571100 and No. 1048082) the Baxter Charitable Foundation, the Alma Hazel Eddy Trust, the Brian M. Kirby Foundation, Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship No. FT120100581 to B.J.G., and equipment grants from the Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation to T.C.L., M. L., and M.W. M. L. was supported by a Charles D. Kelman, M. D. Postdoctoral Award (2010) from the International Retinal Research Foundation (U.S.) and B.J.G. was supported by the Victorian Government's Operational Infrastructure Support Grant to The Florey Institute. S.E. was supported by the Brian M. Kirby Foundation Scholarship (Sydney, Australia).