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A quantitative method for routine measurement of cell surface P2X(7) receptor function in leucocyte subsets by two-colour time-resolved flow cytometry

Claudia Jursik, Ronald Sluyter, Jennifer G Georgiou, Stephen J Fuller, James S Wiley, Ben J Gu

Journal of Immunological Methods | ELSEVIER | Published : 2007


The P2X(7) receptor is a ligand-gated cation channel activated by extracellular ATP and highly expressed on monocytes, macrophages and lymphocytes. Activation of this receptor by exposure to extracellular ATP opens a selective cation channel that allows Ca(2+) and Ba(2+) influx, and K(+) efflux. Over the first minute the channel adopts a second and larger permeability state allowing the uptake of ethidium(+), followed by a cascade of intracellular downstream effects. Current methods used to study the P2X(7) receptor function, do not give quantitative measurement in sub-populations of a mixed cell suspension. We describe a quantitative method to determine the P2X(7) receptor function using ti..

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