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Taenia saginata: Vaccination against cysticercosis in cattle with recombinant oncosphere antigens

MW Lightowlers, R Rolfe, CG Gauci

Experimental Parasitology | ACADEMIC PRESS INC JNL-COMP SUBSCRIPTIONS | Published : 1996


Taenia saginata is a medically and economically important cestode parasite. Infection with the cysticercus larval stage in cattle causes economic loss in the beef meat industry. A practical vaccine to prevent infection with the parasite in cattle would be valuable and would assist in control of transmission of the parasite to humans, the obligate definitive host. Here we use recombinant DNA techniques to clone oncosphere antigens of T. saginata and use the recombinant antigens in vaccine trials in cattle. Vaccination with a combination of two antigens, designated TSA-9 and TSA-18, induced up to 99.8% protection against experimental challenge infection with T. saginata eggs. Operational chara..

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