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The entry of T and B lymphocytes into rat popliteal lymph nodes undergoing a graft-versus-host reaction.

WG Kimpton, DC Poskitt, J Ruby, A Petersons, HK Muller

Cell Immunol | Published : 1983


The entry of radiolabeled blood-borne T and B lymphocytes into resting popliteal lymph nodes and popliteal lymph nodes stimulated with semiallogeneic lymphocytes was investigated in rats. Thoracic duct lymphocytes separated into T- and B-lymphocyte populations on nylon-wool columns were radiolabeled with 51chromium and equal numbers of T or B lymphocytes were injected intravenously. While the ratio of T and B lymphocytes in the blood is approximately 3:1 it was found that the ratio of T to B lymphocytes migrating into lymph nodes was approximately 9 T to 1 B lymphocyte in both resting and antigenically stimulated lymph nodes. Since the ratio of T to B lymphocytes in thoracic duct lymph is si..

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