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Lymphocyte migration during the development of regional lymph node anergy in experimental tumor growth.

WG Kimpton, GA McKenzie, HK Muller, JC Ruby, DC Poskitt

Cell Immunol | Published : 1983


The development of lymph node anergy in Wistar rats to growing Walker carcinoma 256 was studied in vitro using the 51Cr-release cytotoxicity assay. Cell-mediated cytotoxicity to the tumor peaked in draining lymph nodes 11 days after tumor transplantation. By 14 days, the regional lymph node had become anergic to the tumor at a time when cell-mediated cytotoxicity was still increasing in the more distal contralateral lymph node. Lymphocyte migration into resting, cytotoxic, and anergic lymph nodes was analyzed to determine if altered cell migration into the regional lymph node was associated with the development of anergy. Lymphocyte migration was found to be enhanced in both cytotoxic and an..

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