Book Chapter

Writing about things in the nineteenth century: Scholar Zhou’s dream of Yangzhou (Yangzhou meng, 1850s)

A Finnane, F Xiong

Yangzhou: A Place in Literature - the Local in Chinese Cultural History | University of Hawaií Press | Published : 2015


Of the many “dreams of Yangzhou” in Chinese literary history, the memoir written by Jiaodong Zhou Sheng (Scholar Zhou of Jiaodong) sometime after 1857 is the longest, and also the richest in historical content.¹ Part Three, a section of which is translated here, is unique as a record of commodities and material culture in Yangzhou in the years 1841–1852. The material remains of this period of Chinese history are on the whole poorly represented in contemporary museums, including the Yangzhou Museum. It is fortunate, then, that a corpus of writings remains to us from this period, helping fill the...