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Humans, dogs and parasitic zoonoses - Unravelling the relationships in a remote endemic community in Northeast India using molecular tools

RJ Traub, ID Robertson, P Irwin, N Mencke, P Monis, RCA Thompson

Parasitology Research | SPRINGER-VERLAG | Published : 2003


Canine parasitic zoonoses pose a continuing public health problem, especially in developing countries and communities that are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Our study combined the use of conventional and molecular epidemiological tools to determine the role of dogs in transmission of gastrointestinal (GI) parasites such as hookworms, Giardiaand Ascarisin a parasite endemic tea-growing community in northeast India. A highly sensitive and specific PCR-RFLP was developed to detect and differentiate the zoonotic species of canine hookworm eggs directly from faeces. This allowed epidemiological screening of canine hookworm species in this community to be conducted with ease and accuracy. Seven..

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