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A case of mistaken identity - reappraisal of the species of canid and felid hookworms (Ancylostoma) present in Australia and India

RJ Traub, RP Hobbs, PJ Adams, JM Behnke, PD Harris, RCA Thompson

Parasitology | CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS | Published : 2007


This study serves to clarify the current status of canid and felid Ancylostoma species present in Australia. The morphological identification of A. ceylanicum from cats for the first time in Townsville, Australia, appears to be in error, together with the genetic markers provided for the species. Morphological and genetic data presented herein provide strong evidence that the hookworms from cats in Towsville are not A. ceylanicum as previously identified (i.e. the first report of this species in Australia), but are A. braziliense. Therefore the subsequent genetic markers established for A. ceylanicum in subsequent molecular studies based on these Townsville specimens should also be attribute..

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