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The effect of training on the calcified zone of equine middle carpal articular cartilage.

RC Murray, RC Whitton, S Vedi, AE Goodship, P Lekeux

Equine veterinary journal. Supplement | Published : 1999


Carpal osteochondral injury is frequently observed in strenuously trained horses. It is clear that the integrity of articular cartilage and subchondral bone are intimately related, although there is controversy about which component is the most important. Calcified cartilage provides the mechanical link between soft hyaline cartilage and stiff subchondral bone so it is essential to understand the tissue's response to exercise. Middle carpal calcified and uncalcified (hyaline) cartilage thickness was investigated in horses undergoing high- and low-intensity exercise. Twelve untrained horses (18-21 months) were paired, and randomly assigned to an exercise group. Group 1 underwent 19 weeks prog..

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