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The diagnosis of lameness associated with distal limb pathology in a horse: A comparison of radiography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging

RC Whitton, C Buckley, T Donovan, AD Wales, R Dennis



A cadaver limb from an eight-year-old horse with right forelimb lameness that was relieved with an intra-articular distal interphalangeal joint block was imaged with radiographs, spiral computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Spiral CT demonstrated several lucencies within the deep digital flexor tendon immediately proximal to the navicular bone. On MRI these areas had increased signal and there was enlargement of the tendon at this site. Effusion in the proximal interphalangeal joint and navicular bursa and thinning of the fibrocartilage of the navicular bone were also observed on MRI images. These changes were not detected on radiographs. Histopathology confirmed tha..

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