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Claudin-11 expression and localisation is regulated by androgens in rat Sertoli cells in vitro

Tu'uhevaha J Kaitu'u-Lino, Pavel Sluka, Caroline FH Foo, Peter G Stanton

Reproduction | BIOSCIENTIFICA LTD | Published : 2007


Claudin-11 and occludin are protein components in tight junctions (TJs) between Sertoli cells which are important for the maintenance of the blood-testis barrier. Barrier formation occurs during puberty, with evidence suggesting hormonal regulation of both claudin-11 and occludin. This study aimed to investigate the regulation of claudin-11 and occludin mRNA expression by testosterone (T) and FSH and their immunolocalisation at rat Sertoli cell TJs in vitro, and to correlate any steroid regulation with the functional capacity of TJs. Sertoli cells formed functional TJs within 3 days as assessed by transepithelial electrical resistance (TER). Both T and dihydrotestosterone significantly (P < ..

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