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Simultaneous measurement of urinary albumin and total protein may facilitate decision-making in HIV-infected patients with proteinuria

A Samarawickrama, M Cai, ER Smith, K Nambiar, C Sabin, M Fisher, Y Gilleece, SG Holt

HIV Medicine | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2012


OBJECTIVE: We recently showed that a urine albumin/total protein ratio (uAPR) 30 mg/mmol) into two groups: those with predominantly 'tubular' proteinuria (TP) (uAPR <0.4) and those with predominantly 'glomerular' proteinuria (GP) (uAPR ≥ 0.4). RESULTS: A total of 618 of 5244 samples from 1378 patients had uPCR ≥ 30 mg/mmol. uAPRs were available in 144 patients: 46 patients (32%) had TP and 21 (15%) GP; the remainder had uPCR <30 mg/mmol. The TP group had a higher fractional excretion of phosphate compared with the GP group (mean 27% vs. 16%, respectively; P100 mg/mmol), a renal assessment was made; eight had a kidney biopsy. In all cases, the uAPR results correlated with the nephrological di..

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