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Subcellular location and composition of the wall and secreted extracellular sulphated polysaccharides/proteoglycans of the diatom Stauroneis amphioxys Gregory

MJ McConville, R Wetherbee, A Bacic

Protoplasma | Published : 1998


Extracellular polysaccharide/proteoglycan (EPS) mucilages play a crucial role in maintaining the structure of the extensive algal sheets that appear along the undersurface of nearshore Antarctic sea ice during the austral spring. In this study we have determined the composition and ultrastructural location of a family of novel sulphated polysaccharides/proteoglycans from the pennate ice diatom Stauroneis amphioxys Gregory. They occur as soluble EPS in the culture supernatant, as an intercellular mucilage sheet, and as components of a distinct organic layer (diatotepum) underlying the silicious cell wall. The ultrastructural location and quantitative extraction of the mucilage EPS and the maj..

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