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A taxonomic revision of the Hebe parviflora complex (Scrophulariaceae), based on morphology and flavonoid chemistry

MJ Bayly, PJ Garnock-Jones, KA Mitchell, KR Markham, PJ Brownsey

New Zealand Journal of Botany | SIR PUBLISHING | Published : 2000


Two entities have long been recognised at the rank of either species or variety in the New Zealand endemic Hebe parviflora complex but, because one of the critical type specimens had not previously been examined by New Zealand botanists, there has been uncertainty regarding the correct application of names. The two entities can be distinguished on characters of habit, leaves, flowers, leaf flavonoids, and chromosome number, and are accepted here at species rank. H. parviflora is the correct name for the tetraploid entity previously known as H. parviflora var. arborea, and H. stenophylla is the diploid entity previously known as H. parviflora var. angustifolia (the autonym var. parviflora has..

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