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Germination, growth, and development of herbicide resistant and susceptible populations of rigid ryegrass (Lolium rigidum)

GS Gill, RD Cousens, MR Allan

Weed Science | Published : 1996


Rate of seedling emergence, relative growth rate (RGR), and phenological development were compared in several accessions of rigid ryegrass belonging to three distinct resistance classes. The aryloxyphenoxypropionate resistant (AOPP-R) class had a faster and less variable seedling emergence than the sulfonylurea resistant (SU-R) and susceptible (S) classes. However, even the fastest of the AOPP-R accessions was within the range of the S and SU-R classes. No significant differences were detected among the resistant classes in seed dormancy, RGR, and the rate of phenological development. The rate of spike emergence, irrespective of the resistance class, was related to the latitude of the origin..

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