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Purification and identification of multiple forms of dynorphin in human placenta.

S Lemaire, A Valette, L Chouinard, N Dupuis, R Day, G Porthé, J Cros

Neuropeptides | Published : 1983


Immunoreactive dynorphin (ir-Dyn) and opiate-like peptides (OLP) were measured in acid (HC1) extracts of human placenta by the use of an antibody to synthetic Dyn-(1-13) and of the displacement of [3H]-naloxone binding to rat brain homogenates, respectively. The placenta contained 57.6 pmoles per g of ir-Dyn and 134.4 pmoles per g of naloxone binding equivalents. After passage of the extract through cartridges of Sep Pak C18, half of the OLP was eluted with ir-Dyn at 35% acetonitrile (ACN), the rest being eluted at 60% ACN. Both fractions obtained from Sep Pak were chromatographed separately on Sephadex G-50, the OLP of the 35% ACN fraction coeluting with the ir-Dyn speak and that of the 60%..

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