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Bombesin-like immunoreactivity in bovine adrenal medulla.

S Lemaire, L Chouinard, P Mercier, R Day

Regul Pept | Published : 1986


The presence of immunoreactive (ir)-bombesin in bovine adrenal medulla, isolated adrenal chromaffin cells and subcellular fractions of the adrenal medulla was demonstrated using a specific antibody to the synthetic peptide. High levels of ir-bombesin were detected in acid (HCl) extracts of the adrenal tissue (27 pmol/g) and isolated cells (0.35 pmol per 10(6) cells). Subpopulations of adrenal chromaffin cells were also obtained by centrifugation of the original cell preparation through a stepwise bovine serum albumin gradient (cell layers I, II and III). The highest concentration of ir-bombesin (0.77 pmol/10(6) cells) was found in a cell population (cell layer I) enriched in noradrenaline (a..

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