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Trefoil peptides are early markers of gastrointestinal maturation in the rat

M Familari, GA Cook, DR Taupin, G Marryatt, ND Yeomans, AS Giraud

The International Journal of Developmental Biology | UNIV BASQUE COUNTRY UPV-EHU PRESS | Published : 1998


Trefoil peptides are members of a unique family of proteins found predominately throughout the gastrointestinal tract, whose proposed functions include mucus stabilization, stimulation and/or differentiation of epithelial cells during wound repair. Recent trefoil knockout studies have reported delays in epithelial cell migration or maturation pathways together with almost a complete lack of mucus. In order to fully explore the role of trefoil peptides in gastrointestinal maturation, these studies were undertaken to accurately characterize the expression of trefoil peptides in the developing rat gut. The results of RPA suggest that trefoil mRNA's are expressed as early as 15 days post coitus ..

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