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Intraspecific co-variation between egg and body size affects fertilisation kinetics of free-spawning marine invertebrates

DJ Marshall, CA Styan, MJ Keough

Marine Ecology Progress Series | Published : 2000


Fertilisation of eggs of free-spawning marine invertebrates depends on factors affecting sperm concentration in the field and also on gamete characteristics such as egg size. In the free-spawning intertidal ascidian Pyura stolonifera mean egg size increased with maternal size in 2 separate populations. The largest ascidian produced eggs that were, on average, 50% greater in volume than the eggs produced by the smallest individual studied. There was no evidence to suggest that egg density varied with adult size and egg dry organic weight increased with maternal size. The fertilisation kinetics of this species were strongly affected by the variation in egg size, with the eggs of large individu..

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