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Pseudogenes contribute to the extreme diversity of nuclear ribosomal DNA in the hard coral Acropora

LM Marquez, DJ Miller, JB MacKenzie, MJH van Oppen

Molecular Biology and Evolution | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2003


One characteristic of Indo-Pacific Acropora spp. is extremely high diversity in rDNA sequences at both the species and individual levels. In order to test the hypothesis that pseudogenes may contribute to this diversity, three kinds of analyses were conducted. First, for A. millepora (the species containing the most diverse suite of rDNA types), RT-PCR was used to determine which 5.8S rDNA types are expressed. Second, as previous studies have indicated that interspecific hybridization has occurred in the genus Acropora and silencing of rDNA loci via nucleolar dominance has been shown in some cases to involve methylation, patterns of variation were examined at methylation-susceptible sites. T..

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