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The mitochondrial genome of Acropora tenuis (Cnidaria : Scleractinia) contains a large group I intron and a candidate control region

MJH van Oppen, J Catmull, BJ McDonald, NR Hislop, PJ Hagerman, DJ Miller

Journal of Molecular Evolution | SPRINGER | Published : 2002


The complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial genome of the coral Acropora tenuis has been determined. The 18,338 bp A. tenuis mitochondrial genome contains the standard metazoan complement of 13 protein-coding and two rRNA genes, but only the same two tRNA genes (trnM and trnW) as are present in the mtDNA of the sea anemone, Metridium senile. The A. tenuis nad5 gene is interrupted by a large group I intron which contains ten protein-coding genes and rns; M. senile has an intron at the same position but this contains only two protein-coding genes. Despite the large distance (about 11.5 kb) between the 5?-exon and 3?-exon boundaries, the A. tenuis nad5 gene is functional, as we were a..

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