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Multiple scales of genetic connectivity in a brooding coral on isolated reefs following catastrophic bleaching

JN Underwood, LD Smith, MJH Van Oppen, JP Gilmour

Molecular Ecology | WILEY | Published : 2007


Understanding the pattern of connectivity among populations is crucial for the development of realistic and spatially explicit population models in marine systems. Here we analysed variation at eight microsatellite loci to assess the genetic structure and to infer patterns of larval dispersal for a brooding coral, Seriatopora hystrix, at an isolated system of reefs in northern Western Australia. Spatial autocorrelation analyses show that populations are locally subdivided, and that the majority of larvae recruit to within 100 m of their natal colony. Further, a combination of F- and R- statistics showed significant differentiation at larger spatial scales (2-60 km) between sites, and this pa..

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