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Larval retention and connectivity among populations of corals and reef fishes: history, advances and challenges

GP Jones, GR Almany, GR Russ, PF Sale, RS Steneck, MJH van Oppen, BL Willis

Coral Reefs | SPRINGER | Published : 2009


The extent of larval dispersal on coral reefs has important implications for the persistence of coral reef metapopulations, their resilience and recovery from an increasing array of threats, and the success of protective measures. This article highlights a recent dramatic increase in research effort and a growing diversity of approaches to the study of larval retention within (self-recruitment) and dispersal among (connectivity) isolated coral reef populations. Historically, researchers were motivated by alternative hypotheses concerning the processes limiting populations and structuring coral reef assemblages, whereas the recent impetus has come largely from the need to incorporate dispersa..

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