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Polymorphism in cyanogenic glycoside content and cyanogenic β-glucosidase activity in natural populations of Eucalyptus cladocalyx

RM Gleadow, IE Woodrow

Functional Plant Biology | Published : 2000


Cyanogenesis is the process by which plantsrelease hydrogen cyanide (HCN) from endogenous cyanide-containing compounds and is thought to play a role in plant defence against generalist herbivores. Cyanogenesis is poorly understood in natural populations, and has been little studied in tree species. In this paper we present the first systematic survey of cyanogenesis in the economically and ecologically important genus Eucalyptus. We document variability in both the concentration of the cyanogenic glycoside, prunasin, and the accompanying degradative β-glucosidase in a woody plant for the first time. Leaves of 96 E. cladocalyx F. Muell. trees growing in natural populations on Kangaroo Island,..

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