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Temporal and spatial variation in cyanogenic glycosides in Eucalyptus cladocalyx.

Roslyn M Gleadow, Ian E Woodrow

Tree Physiology | Published : 2000


The release of hydrogen cyanide from endogenous cyanide-containing compounds in plants is an effective herbivore deterrent. We investigated temporal and spatial variations in cyanogenic glycoside concentration in greenhouse-grown seedlings and 6-year-old plantation trees of Eucalyptus cladocalyx F. Muell., which allocates up to 20% of leaf nitrogen to the cyanogenic glycoside, prunasin. The highest cyanogenic glycoside concentrations were in the young, developing vegetative and reproductive tissues. Both the overall cyanogenic glycoside concentration and the proportion of nitrogen allocated to cyanogenic glycoside decreased as tissues matured. Cyanogenic glycoside and nitrogen concentrations..

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