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Distribution and accumulation of ultraviolet-radiation-absorbing compounds in leaves of tropical mangroves.

CE Lovelock, BF Clough, IE Woodrow

Planta | Published : 1992


Ultraviolet (UV)-absorbing phenolic compounds that have been shown to be protective against the damaging: effects of UV-B radiation (Tevini et al., 1991, Photochem. Photobiol. 53, 329-333) were found in the leaf epidermis of tropical mangrove tree species. These UV-absorbing phenolic compounds and leaf succulence function as selective filters, removing short and energetic wavelengths. A field survey showed that the concentration of UV-absorbing compounds varied between species, between sites that would be experiencing similar levels of UV radiation, and between sun and shade leaves. Sun leaves have greater contents of phenolic compounds than shade leaves, and more saline sites have plants wi..

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