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Water stress and reduced fruit size in micro-irrigated pear trees under deficit partial rootzone drying

MG O'Connell, I Goodwin

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research | Published : 2007


Crop water relations, vegetative and reproductive growth, and soil water status were studied during 2 seasons to determine the effectiveness of partial rootzone drying (PRD) in a mature micro-irrigated pear orchard in the Goulburn Valley, Australia. PRD treatments were 50% (PRD50) and 100% (PRD100) of predicted crop water requirement (ETc) applied on one side of the tree alternated on a 14-day cycle compared with a Control treatment, which received 100% of ETc irrigated on both sides of the tree. Irrigation was applied daily by micro-jets to replace ETc estimated using reference crop evapotranspiration (ETo) and a FAO-56 crop coefficient of 1.15 adjusted for tree size. The PRD50 regime appli..

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