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Snow accumulation variability in Wilkes Land, East Antarctica, and the relationship to atmospheric ridging in the 130°-170°E region since 1930

I Goodwin, M de Angelis, M Pook, NW Young

Journal of Geophysical Research | Published : 2003


Wilkes Land annual snow accumulation variability is explored together with ice core chemistry data as proxies for circumpolar atmospheric circulation in the 110°E-135°E sector of the circumpolar trough. Four accumulation time series spanning 1930-1985 show a pattern of accumulation related to maritime air mass incursions over the East Antarctic ice sheet slope, which is regionally consistent on interannual and interdecadal timescales. The temporal accumulation pattern in Wilkes Land shows decadal fluctuations of ±10%. Both these fluctuations and the overall trend of increasing accumulation since the middle 1960s are consistent with a poleward shift and intensification of the circumpolar trou..

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